We need your help. The IBO is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), research and community outreach unit of Boise State University funded primarily through grants, contracts, and donations from individuals like you! We can’t continue our work without your support, so please consider making a donation today.


General Fund

After you click “add donation” you will get the option to add a comment to send funds to a particular project, such as Lucky Peak if you choose.


Education and Outreach Fund

This will fund work at our Boise River Station as well as our other school and student outreach programs. A $3 donation to our education program supports one student’s field trip experience to our Boise River site.


Long-Billed Curlew Satellite Tracking Project

This will fund our anti-poaching outreach efforts (including youth hunters education, curlews in the classroom, and adult outreach programs). Plus data fees for our Long-billed Curlew transmitters to keep them all up and running.


Hummingbird Fund

This will fund our hummingbird research in Idaho City and areas of the Wood River Valley. Your donation will have a direct impact on bringing children and families to our banding events to experience releasing a banded hummingbird back into the wilderness — the flying gems of Idaho!

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