Albertsons Library is the vibrant, welcoming center of the Boise State University community. We are the physical and virtual academic living room providing interactive group spaces, quiet study areas, the largest computer lab on campus, and the resources needed for independent learning along with a place to relax between classes.

We greatly appreciate your support for the Albertsons Library and thank you for helping us be a signature, high quality educational experience for all students and a home for creativity, learning and community for Boise State. Some available funds to support are:

  • The Library Initiatives Fund: provides ongoing support to Library programs and projects.
  • The MakerLab Fund: supports the interdisciplinary, collaborative work of students and faculty, from idea to creation, making dreams and passions a reality. 
  • Special Collections & Archives Fund: provides support to make university, local, and Idaho history easily discoverable and available for use by all.
  • Susan Henggeler Scholarship Fund: aids library student assistants struggling to pay for their studies.
  • Warren E McCain Endowment for Western Life: helps purchase materials on the Western US, including cultural life, the frontier experience, Native American tribes, history, literature, anthropology, geography, politics, etc.
  • Or help support one of our special projects! For more information, please contact Heather Kimmett at (208) 426-2977.

We also accept select donations of book, manuscripts and other materials. Click here for more information.


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