Giving back is a way to honor your alma mater and show current students you care. The Boise State Alumni Association has established a variety of scholarships, building connections between students and graduates. Gifts to funds like the Student Philanthropy Board, the Intercollegiate Knights Scholarship and the Broncos of the Last Decade Scholarship encourage Bronco pride, keep this university vibrant, and ensure Boise State stays for all students, regardless of their ability to pay for an education.

Are you interested in giving, but not sure where to start? Or have a specific area of interest at Boise State? Let's chat!

Carly Snider

Associate Director of Development

Call: (208) 426-2010

Wyatt King

Assistant Director of Development

Call: (208) 426-2086

Paityn Manor

Assistant Director of Development

Call: (208) 426-3934